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Fujitsu Launches Web3 Acceleration Platform

The company aims to create a diverse ecosystem of Web3 applications

Japanese behemoth tech company Fujitsu has announced the launch of its Web3 Acceleration Platform that’s designed to support Web3 developers across the globe by offering a developmental environment and various service APIs based on blockchain.

The company’s Web3 platform will also provide high-performance computing technologies, simulations, AI, and combinatorial optimisation, for start-ups, partner companies and universities building Web3 applications and services.

Yoshito Sudo, Founder and CEO of TC3 K.K. commented, “We are excited about the launch of the Fujitsu Web3 Acceleration Platform. Our company helps enterprises to build digital products and AI engines by working with global Gig Economies. By participating in the Fujitsu Web3 Acceleration Platform, we plan to prototype Web3 application services and DAO community services. With this initiative, we believe that we can promote our vision of “Gig Innovated,” a world in which we can achieve innovation with Gig Economy.”

Supporting diverse ecosystems

Fujitsu also revealed that its new platform aims to support the creation of a diverse ecosystem of Web3 applications across a range of use cases including digital content rights management, business transactions, contracts and processes.

The platform will also grant select participants access to its global partner program, the Fujitsu Accelerator Program for containers as a service (CaaS). Starting in March, program partners can access the platform in Japan as the multinational company works on giving users access to the platform from anywhere in the world later this year.

The company outlined three key themes for its Web3 platform such as, “The realization of a co-creation society through decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), rights management and utilization of digital content, and the realization of digital trust.” In order to support the development of its new platform, the company plans on holding a global planning and development contest that’s aimed at building and implementing DAO communities and creating new Web3 services.

Web3-based accelerator programs have grown over the past year with MasterCard announcing the launch of its Web3-based MasterCard Artist Accelerator program in January to connect select artists with notable mentors and a dynamic fanbase that can also participate in the experience.

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