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Meet The First Play-to-Wear Fashion Metaverse: The Astraverse

‘The stars have aligned to reinvent fashion retail and gaming gives us the tools to achieve this’

Meet the Astraverse, a play 2 wear fashion metaverse that’s on a mission to revolutionise the digital fashion experience by building a virtual world where physical and digital fashion can blend perfectly.

Delz Erinle, Founder of Astraverse said, “We are adding a ‘meta-commerce’ backend to the gaming front to create a global, sustainable fashion platform for the next generation of retail shoppers.”

The Sims is one of the most successful games that focus on fashion as part of the life simulation experience. The Astraverse team however, is expanding on that and is building a universe where the possibilities are endless.

“It’s the perfect time to (do) things different, almost 10 years since Amazon came online and introduced a new way of shopping; the stars have aligned to reinvent fashion retail and gaming gives us the tools to achieve this,” mentioned Niyi Okeowo, Art Direction Lead and Co-founder of Astraverse at the Astraverse2050 launch party last month in Lagos, Nigeria.

What’s next for the Astraverse team?

Ever since it commenced building its virtual world in 2020, the Astraverse team has made significant progress and has since received grants from behemoth companies including Meta and Epic Games.

They’ve also attracted a 100+ brand waitlist and have grown their community to 20k members, while being accelerated by the University of Cambridge I4SF, Nvidia Inception Programme, DeFine, Technation, and KPMG.

The team believes strongly in a common goal – to add “metacommerce” in a futuristic-yet-familiar way that brings a level of physicality to the e-commerce experience.

The Astraverse is now getting set for its first Play-to-Wear event – the Astra Mystery Box Challenge which is set to take place in NFT Paris in late February.

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