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MetaMask Learn Helps Web3 Enthusiasts Understand The Decentralised Ecosystem

A simple guide to getting you started in the world of Web3

Blockchain technology company ConsenSys has announced MetaMask Learn, its latest initiative that’s available as a free-to-use resource in 10 languages for people interested in Web3.

MetaMask Learn comes with an interactive UI environment that helps onboard people who are new to self-custody, as well as guiding them through some of Web3’s most common topics.

Dan Finlay, co-founder of MetaMask, said, “Events in 2022 rightfully undermined confidence in custodial finance, and more crypto investors are looking to use self-custodial products. While we strive to make the product speak for itself, users were often disoriented when searching the web to understand topics more deeply. MetaMask Learn gives users a beautiful and information-rich foundation for taking their next steps into the web3 ecosystem by combining visual learning with action-oriented testing.”

ConsenSys recently conducted a survey of 1,505 crypto holders in the US where it discovered that three-quarters of respondents did not know or were unsure of what self-custody was all about.

A foundational learning opportunity

The company believes that with MetaMask Learn, Web3 enthusiasts can learn more about self-custody in a simulated environment that’ll increase trust and give consumers the confidence they need to safely participate in the Web3 ecosystem.

One of MetaMask’s primary focuses is democratising access to decentralised technology and to achieve that, it is essential to provide foundational learning materials for the adoption of web3. And MetaMask Learn is a starting point as it’ll allow the company to ensure that the next generation of Web3 users are well-informed and can comfortably navigate the emerging space.

The MetaMask Learn syllabus will guide users through topics such as: What is Web3, What is a Crypto Wallet, The Era of Digital Identity, What is a Self-Custody Wallet, NFTs and Creators, and Decentralized Finance.

As mentioned, it’ll be available in 10 languages at launch and can be accessed by anyone from anywhere across the globe. If you’re interested in learning more about Web3, head over to and get started.

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