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Open Metaverse Foundation Aims To Develop Metaverse Standards

The organization will also develop open-source software

The Linux Foundation is launching the Open Metaverse Foundation. The foundation aims to create open-source software and standards for an open metaverse. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Hyperledger Foundation and the Open Voice Network are all founding members of the OMF.

The Open Metaverse Foundation plans to help a community of engineers and developers solve challenges that stand in the way of an open, interoperable metaverse. The foundation is already creating a glossary and working on an accurate metaverse definition.

“We’re still in the early days of the vision for an open metaverse, and we recognize that many open-source communities and foundations are working on vital pieces of this iterative puzzle,” OMF executive director Royal O’Brien told GamesBeat. “While the challenges may seem daunting, I’m energized by the opportunities to collaborate with a broad, global community to bring these pieces together as we transform this vision into reality.”

OMF: Building the Future of the Metaverse

The OMF will work with similar organizations, like the Metaverse Standards Forum, to develop code necessary to establish standards. It is divided into eight Foundational Interest Groups. These FIGs allow for a distributed decision structure. The OMF’s FIG groups include users, transactions, digital assets, simulations and virtual worlds and artificial intelligence.

“The reality is, if we wanted to create the vision of the metaverse, it has to be a level playing field so that smaller companies and incumbents can actually grow based upon their ability to execute,” O’Brien says.

Blockchain Will Create it’s Own Standards

O’Brien notes that many consumers are still uncomfortable with emerging technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrency. Additionally, he believes blockchain organizations will form their own standards. However, the OMF strives to reduce fragmentation in the Web3 space.

“Our industry needs innovation through interoperability driven by open source and open standards to realize the promise of the Metaverse—if we’re to build something that benefits everyone—just as was the case with the early architecting of the Internet,” said Anni Lai, head of open source operations and marketing at Futurewei.“Futurewei believes in the power of open source and open collaboration, and we’re excited to engage in building the Open Metaverse Foundation community to extend initiatives we already have underway in XR, Web3, mobile gaming, and more.”

As the metaverse develops, creating metaverse standards grows more vital. A plethora of brands like Gucci and Nike already have a metaverse presence. Having clear metaverse standards may also help thwart cybercrime. Phishing schemes are currently a big issue in Roblox with children scamming other children out of virtual goods.

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