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The upcoming GatherVerse Summit will tackle AI and Metaverse discussions

Both events are scheduled to take place this February and will be available to access online

The GatherVerse AI Summit is set to take place online on February 1, 2023. The event will be three hours long and explore the ever-evolving space of AI.

While this event is focused on AI, the wider Gatherverse Summit also takes place in the same month. This event will be over the course of three days, starting on February 21. Humanity-First is the overarching theme of Gatherverse. Where key topics include accessibility education, equality, wellness, and safety and privacy concerns. The event will also feature talks from global aspects as they explore and define the metaverse.

GatherVerse was launched back in 2021 with this marking the second annual Summit. Both events are open with free registration for communities to gather and discuss all things metaverse. Or AI related in the AI Summit event.

AI and metaverse events

The conversation surrounding the metaverse will explore what steps are going to prove integral to building the metaverse and its emerging technologies. While some are already exploring metaverse titles, others are still uncertain of what the metaverse actually is. Data has recently shown that more people wish to be a part of the metaverse. However, some big names such as Bill Gates have less faith in the space.

In addition to discussing what the metaverse is and how it could grow, other topics will be covered too. The metaverse being an online platform is sure to face safety and privacy concerns, this humanity-first approach from the GatherVerse will be an important aspect of building our future spaces.

There are also big AI discussions to be had. The GatherVerse AI Summit will also feature leading experts in the field who are ready to explore and discuss the ethical implications of these evolving technologies. Discussions will focus on the potential they could bring but also the possible issues we may see from the rise of AI.

AI questions

The ethical considerations regarding AI are always a major talking factor. Take the recent buzz generated by ChatGPT. Some have been able to use the service to save themselves hours of work by utilising its ability to write code. Although there is the flip side which has seen reports of hackers using the chatbot to write malware. These are all discussions that are expected to be covered during the Summit. The year 2023 could be the biggest year yet for both AI and metaverse developments.

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