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Alpha Metaverse Technologies announces its work with AI to improve 3D asset creation

AI tools are being looked at by many for the ways they can help streamline productivity and possibly cut costs

Alpha Metaverse Technologies has announced the launch of a Centre of Excellence for Artificial Intelligence in 3D and content production.

Alpha Metaverse Technologies is a technology company which is focusing on emerging markets in metaverse-related spaces. It also has a focus on immersive technologies and Web3 projects such as NFTs, blockchain gaming, esports, and other opportunities which present possible high growth.

The new centre will focus on the development of cutting-edge AI technologies to improve the efficiency and quality of 3D modelling. This will also aim to help with optimisation and automated content production.

AI to help create better 3D assets

The company believes that by using the power of AI, 3D asset production will see reduced costs and time required. This means more time to focus on other aspects and see improved profitability. We have already seen similar concepts with the likes of NVIDIA’s Magic3D AI. Alpha Metaverse plans on automating repetitive tasks, and enabling real-time adjustments to assets. The hope is that this will also help to streamline the overall production process. 

Alpha Metaverse CEO, Brian Wilneff commented on the concept saying. “We are seeing great value in our use of artificial intelligence in our sales and production departments. We believe that building an AI-enabled workforce is crucial for driving more productive creative output and staying competitive in the rapidly evolving metaverse industry. We expect that our Center of Excellence for AI in 3D will allow us to harness the power of AI to create more immersive and engaging experiences for our clients and their customers. Our AI pipelines are already being used to improve margins through efficient delivery of our Company’s products and services as well as bring in new business.” 

The company plans to staff the centre with a team of experts in both AI and 3D asset production. These members are expected to work closely with other departments to integrate AI technologies into the company’s existing pipelines. 

AI is currently a very hot topic right now. The likes of OpenAI and its popular chat bot ChatGPT, and image creation platform DALL-E are causing waves. Many will be looking toward future advances in AI and how it can help to streamline creative processes. Microsoft recently announced it would be extending its partnership with OpenAI in a multibillion-dollar investment.

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