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ROTU Entertainment’s Harmony Program is gifting Quest 2 VR headsets to schools

The VR headsets are intended to be used with the virtual band room Jam Theory

The Harmony Program, a year-long initiative is gifting 500 Quest 2 VR headsets to under-resourced music programs. 

These resource programs are run by ROTU Entertainment in partnership with Unity. In November ROTU Entertainment announced it had been awarded a $250,000 grant from the Unity Charitable Fund. This funding helped to create the Harmony Program.

The tour will visit various schools to introduce Jam Theory. This is a metaverse band room, which explores the musical building blocks of harmony, rhythm, and melody. The Harmony Program is already underway, with visits to schools intended to stretch into November this year.

Using VR to explore music

By the end of February, the initiative will have distributed 210 VR headsets. Visits to schools will continue across the US with a focus on underfunded music programs. The goal is to help reaffirm music education in school systems and provide learning materials for those who need it

To help foster a love for music Jam Theory will be used to help students learn about music in an immersive VR experience. The live virtual band room allows both teachers and students to explore the basics of creating music. Teachers and students can experiment with its capabilities to perform together and there are more in-depth tools for anyone who is more experienced. 

Creative producer at ROTU Entertainment, AK Liesenfeld commented on the initiative saying, “We’d like to extend a huge ‘thank you’ to all of the schools who’ve allowed us and our program through their doors so far. Seeing the enthusiasm from both administrators, teachers, and their wonderful students as they’ve dived into the program and spent time communing with the enthralling experience of music creation has been an unparalleled experience.”

Initiatives such as this are utilising the power of VR experiences to provide learning experiences for students. The serious games market, which focuses on projects which mix entertainment with education, is projecting significant growth. A large part of this is due to the wider adoption of VR learning experiences. 

ROTU Entertainment’s Harmony Program Hits Milestone on International Day of Education, Distributing 210 Quest 2 Headsets to Under-resourced Music Programs

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