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Marvel holds a concert for its character Luna Snow

The superhero character has got a space-themed remix of the song Flow which features vocals from K-Pop star Luna.

The free-to-play mobile game Marvel Super War holds a K-Pop concert with Luna Snow, featuring Luna of K-Pop group f(x)

Luna Snow, the Korean pop singer turned SuperHero is a Marvel Universe character in the battle arena game, Marvel Super War. The character joined the game’s roster back in 2020 and released the single, Flow.

The character’s debut song has reached over 86k views on YouTube. Fans of the song will be pleased to hear that a new Space Remix of the hit single Flow is out.

Marvel’s Luna Snow show

Luna Snow has become a rising pop star in the year 3099 and is performing in the Intergalactic Opera House. Snow dons a specially created space suit for the performance. In addition to a new look, vibrant and vivid lighting installations floating around her help to create the show.

The song is a never-before-released Space Remix of Luna Snow’s single Flow feat Luna. The track was mixed by NetEase sound and features vocals from Luna of the popular K-pop girl band f(x). The remix version of the track which only hit YouTube two days ago is already sitting at 41k views.

Luna Snow show

The video features the concert elements with Luna Snow seen performing and dancing to the track. In addition to this, the video showcases gameplay of the character in action. Luna Snow’s character is able to generate and manipulate ice and cold temperatures and of course, sports the charisma of a pop star.

Virtual Influencers

These types of in-game events are becoming more popular with titles that continuously roll out new content. K-pop has reached huge heights so the character of Luna Snow has become quite popular within the game due to the real vocals of Luna from f(x).

Something we are already seeing and will continue to see more of, is the idea of virtual influencers. These computer-generated characters are often used to market a product or social media strategy. Last year, Lu do Magalu was the most followed virtual influencer. The influencer first appeared for a retail company in Brazil and has since gone on to accumulate 6.2 million followers on Instagram.

Virtual influencers have been on the rise over the past five years and video games are seeing the benefit of giving characters more personality and events to boost their popularity. Marvel’s Super War has however not yet seen a global release and is therefore unavailable in certain countries. Despite this, users can still dash to YouTube to listen to the songs.

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