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Powering the Omniverse with Nvidia

Nvidia has shared new details on its Omniverse capabilities and how individual creators to enterprises can benefit from it

During CES 2023, Nvidia announced updated plans for its Omniverse Enterprise platform.

Nvidia is looking to improve Omniverse, RTX Remix, Canvas, and Broadcast. Omniverse is the Nvidia platform for creating and operating metaverse applications. With more developers working on metaverse projects, and artists working in 3D, the Nvidia Omniverse acts as an extensible platform to help make these creations happen.

Nvidia Omniverse intends to help users to build custom 3D pipelines and simulate large-scale virtual worlds, quickly and more efficiently.

New tools

Nvidia Omniverse allows its creators to connect accelerated apps and collaborate in real time. In conjunction with Nvidia RTX, the Omniverse platform helps creators to connect various tools such as Adobe, Autodesk, SideFX, and Unreal Engine. There is also a new connector for Unity.

Built on Pixar’s Universal Scene Description, Omniverse means creators can enhance their pre-existing 3D workflows with more seamless and powerful AI-enhanced capabilities. In addition, to greater interoperability, the platform can be used to create large-scale world simulations. This includes digital twins, which are being more widely used in workplace environments.

Mercedes-Benz is utilising the power of Omniverse Enterprise to assemble next-gen factories. The car manufacturer is leveraging the platform to develop high-fidelity digital twins of the production process and expand real-time collaboration opportunities. Digital twins are helping to transform industries and contribute to scientific discovery.

Nvidia special address from CES 2023

Utilising the Omniverse

A railway company in Germany has used NVIDIA Omniverse to build a digital twin of its fully automated train network. By collaborating with Nvidia the company can build a complete country-scale digital twin. This enables them to fully simulate automatic train operation across its network. By using an AI-enabled digital twin, the rail company can develop highly capable perception and incident prevention management systems.

It all sounds like something from the future, but these projects are happening now. Our everyday life is seeing more integration with AI systems and digital counterparts to streamline services. BMW used its capabilities to build its factory of the future. Amazon also used Nvidia Omniverse to build digital twins of its warehouses. It comes as no surprise that Nvidia ended 2022 as the 11th largest global company.

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