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Report Shows the Most Profitable Games in Esports Tournaments

Dota 2, Fortnite and Counter Strike: Global Offensive lead

Esports continues to grow across the globe with acclaimed titles such as Call of Duty: Warzone and Fortnite emerging as someone of the most played games in esports tournaments.

Uswitch, one of the UK’s top comparison websites for home services switching shared an online gaming statistics report that shows cash prizes for video game tournaments to predict which games have the most potential winnings in five years.

The report shows that 31% of esports gamers mainly take part in tournaments to make money, with Activision’s Call of Duty: Warzone ranking as the easiest game for players to become experts in. However, esports is known to feature challenging tournaments that require skill and experience and becoming an expert doesn’t happen in a day.

Uswitch’s report shows the game that will not only provide players with the most money, but also turns them into experts in a short time.

Three most profitable games to become experts in

Uswitch’s report shows that these games will not only provide players with the most money but also turns them into experts in a short time:

Dota 2

With millions of active players, the report shows that Dota 2 tournaments could award the most winnings in the next five years, estimated to be a hefty £215,972,000. Prior to this, the game has given out £309,057,000 in competitions since 2011, a 250% gap compared to League of Legends’ £87,774,000 since 2010. Dota 2 has a complexity score of 8.67/10 and is one of the most difficult games that’s been analysed.


Players could see a significant rise in Fortnite earnings which is predicted to award up to £145,667,000 to players over the next five years. Fans of the acclaimed battle royale game can profit three times more from rival PUBG which awards players £45,850,000. Fortnite also has a low complexity score of 2.67/10, the fourth simplest game that was analysed.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Valve’s CS:GO is the highest-ranking FPS game in the report and is estimated to award players with £99,721,000 in the next five years. This is 264.8% more than Overwatch which is predicated to award players with £27,337,000. CS:GO is also one of the easiest games to analyze, with a complexity score of 1.33/10.

List Of Games With The Most Potential Winnings

1 – Dota 2

2 – Fortnite

3 – Counter Strike: Global Offensive



6 – League of Legends

7 – Overwatch

8 – Valorant

9 – Rocket League

10 – Rainbow Six Siege

The Simplest Esports Games

• Call of Duty: Warzone

• Counter Strike: Global Offensive

• Valorant

• Fortnite


• Overwatch

• Apex Legends

• World of Warcraft

• Rainbow Six Siege

• Starcraft II

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