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Japanese-Backed Games Developer Murasaki Partners with Ava Labs to Develop Blockchain Titles

“For a highly scalable solution, this is the place to be…”

Murasaki, a Japanese-backed games developer and media studio has announced a partnership with Ava Labs, one of the world’s fastest smart contracts platforms.

The partnership will see Murasaki utilize Ava Labs’ Avalanche blockchain to develop original blockchain games in an NFT-enhanced economy, starting with its first title Cyberstella which is set to release in the first quarter of this year.

For the Japanese-backed studio, gaming is only the beginning as it also aims to host a unique offering that’ll contain a mix of media content that users don’t just consume, but can also participate in and interact with.

Shinnosuke Murata, Murasaki’s CEO said, “Avalanche is the fastest, most reliable smart contracts platform in the world and features a revolutionary consensus protocol. For a highly scalable solution, this is the place to be. Here we can build anything we want, any way we want, all while not being concerned about the technology struggling to cope with the rapid onboarding of vast numbers of users.”

Murasaki is looking to generate a conceptual IP, similar to the nascent metaverse space where every character is not only independent but can collaborate, and experience transmedia mixes and offshoots. The media studio will also publish several comic book series later on.

Shinnosuke added: “When you can finalize transactions in under a second, in fact clearing thousands per second, it becomes clear that Avalanche is the right solution for Murasaki. It’s truly decentralized which appeals to us, and furthermore each blockchain launched on Avalanche can define its own core logic and validator set. This means compliance and privacy are built-in by default. We’re pleased and excited to build out the Murasaki vision working with the Avalanche blockchain over the coming year.”

Murasaki is backed by Incubate Fund, one of Japan’s biggest venture capitalists and is dedicated to owing users to create anything they want in a truly decentralized space.

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