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Beauty Classes In The Metaverse From The Shilla Duty Free And Gucci Beauty

The event was held in association with the Gucci Beauty room and provided attendees with their very own avatars and beauty tips

The Shilla Duty Free recently hosted a metaverse beauty class evening in association with Gucci Beauty. The event was described by those involved as a first for the duty-free industry.

The event took place at the Gucci Beauty Garden on the ZEP platform. These classes were intended to broaden the spectrum of what a virtual beauty class can be within the metaverse. Users were able to create their own avatars to explore the beauty house and garden area, while also being able to try on a variety of Gucci Beauty products.

The Shilla Duty Free held numerous online beauty classes throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and with this latest event taking place in the metaverse, it would seem they are looking to push toward more digital innovations. As for the classes themselves, participants were able to watch the classes in real-time, ask questions and chat with others who were visiting the experience.

The first of many

Vice president of the e-Commerce team at The Shilla Duty Free, Kim Bo-yeon commented on the event saying, “The contactless beauty class on the metaverse will be yet another example of an innovative beauty class. We will continue to make rich, immersive content based on state-of-the-art technologies through a combination of on- and off-line classes, and even a metaverse studio to chart the way forward for the industry”.

The event saw 100 pre-selected VIPs following tutorial instructions given by makeup artist Park Sang-eun, those at home could attempt to replicate each of the looks with products that had been sent to their homes ahead of the event. Those who weren’t selected as VIP members could still join the event via the Shilla Duty Free website or through its YouTube channel, with 1,000 of those viewers being eligible to receive a Starbucks gift card. 

These types of online interactive experiences serve as a great way to target a broader audience. If the event was held in person that presents limitations as only those willing, or able to travel to the venue could go. Within the metaverse, there is no such concern. Events held in this manner are also great for those who perhaps wouldn’t feel confident enough to attend in person; this way they can still have access to the same experience as everyone else, but from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

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