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Spotify Launches Its WonderWrapped Music Space on Roblox

Spotify, the streaming digital music service that allows users to listen to millions of songs is introducing Spotify Island: WonderWrapped, a new space where listeners can engage with music artists on Roblox.

The company does have a Spotify Island mainland that’s been on the Roblox platform since May 2022, but this will now be replaced with an enhanced offering, featuring Wrapped-inspired quests, virtual merch, games, and even photo booth opportunities with up to 12 different artists.

Some of the music artists to be featured include Bizarrap, Black Sherif, Calvin Harris, CRO, Doechii, Eslabon Armado, Miranda Lambert, NIKI, NewJeans, Stray Kids, SUNMI and Tove.

It’s a Wrap

Upon entering Spotify Island, players will be welcomed with an onboarding experience that’ll guide them through WonderWrapped. They’ll also be rewarded with WonderWrapped points after completing various quests and minigames which will lead them toward unlocking a free special Wrapped-inspired item.

Meanwhile the photo booth opportunity will allow them to take a Wrapped-inspired photo with any of the 12 artists of their choice and appear alongside them in Roblox avatar form.

The higher players climb on the “charts,” the more they’ll see the steps mimicking different shapes and patterns from 2022 Wrapped creative. Players will also earn points based on how far they have come and will see an easter egg upon reaching the top.

The shapes players find all over the island can also be dropped into each of the corresponding holes and once they complete the quest, they get to see the easter egg.

Listeners can start the Shape Shifter challenge by stepping into a platform with falling tiles. And when the shape is called, they’ll have three seconds to run toward the corresponding shape or risk falling and losing the round.

Spotify’s WonderWrapped will be available to individuals worldwide for a limited time and the company has promised further metaverse expansions through 2023.

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