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Kongregate CEO explains the move from Web2 to Web3

CEO Markus Lipp took to the stage at the Game Makers day event to discuss blockchain and adapting from Web2 experiences to Web3

During the MTG’s Game Makers Day conference 2022, the CEO of Kongregate, Markus Lipp, took to the stage to discuss the company’s position in bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3.

Talking at the Game Makers day conference, Lipp stated that “in regards to blockchain, our key focus and mission was to use existing Web2 learning and expand into Web3.” Kongregrate has already put its learning to good use with its leap into Web3, with the likes of its Bitverse offerings and partnerships with the likes of Immutable X.

Lipp explained that for many years players have grown accustomed to their usual gaming and online offerings however all of a sudden along came blockchain technologies which “allowed ownership in the legal sense” and these possibilities created numerous opportunities for developers and players alike.

With ownership now playing a role, not only could players, play, but they could genuinely own a part of the experience.

Expanding into Web3

For Kongregate part of this journey has been taking their existing Web2 gaming titles and adapting them for the world of Web3.

Lipp comments that “We are not just talking about it, we are living it” and he’s got the facts to back it up as the company now boasts 16 years in gaming with four of those dedicated to leaning into blockchain technologies. Kongregate has created 3.8 million wallets, with 364,000 active monthly and as of today, they have seen three million NFTs being minted, with four live and playable NFT titles being released.

Lipp reiterates the company’s focus in saying “So again our key focus is to really stick with the Web2 mechanics but extend them to Web3. So players will be able to decide ‘Will I sign up for the new journey and own avatars and NFTs, to have a more advanced journey to own these elements? Or will I stay within the Web2 world? Both are possible, it’s really a question of what can we do for the player to help them with their journey,” he explained.

Addressing the elephant in the room

During the speaker presentation, Lipp commented on the impact of the FTX fall saying, “I want to address the elephant in the room, so what has happened around FTX and the thoughts around crypto and gaming in general. Looking into the data, has the FTX breakdown influenced the whole blockchain gaming landscape? If we look at daily active wallets they have remained flat, so usage and usability in the games didn’t really fluctuate. The FTX situation hasn’t changed anything around blockchain gaming”.

Lipp goes on to discuss the use of wallets and how creating one, or even knowing how to use one can be a daunting and unfamiliar process, so having some guidance is helpful. He states that “there’s still a lot to do regarding the technology, however, it isn’t a question of if, it’s a question of when. And what can we do to make the user experience better.” This is where Kongregate steps into its role of expanding Web2 elements to Web3.

Kongregate aims to help with the process of wallets by integrating them immediately when you sign up to its platform to create seamless onboarding. Its platform is also chain agnostic which means if you come from a Solana background or Ethereum it won’t be an issue as Kongregate works to interlope everything for the user, making for an easy entry into the platform.

We are the igniter in the middle”

Kongregate has seen a team grow from five to 92 and has made use of social media to spread its message, Twitter and Discord communities have acted as a space where players can be collected and a sense of community can be born, these organic methods of interaction offer a more personalised and alternative approach to marketing schemes.

Lipp comments that Kongregate’s position is a unique one, “we have developers, we have partners and we have players. And we want to bring them together in the middle.” Lipp continues by saying “the developers we have built great relationships with, they trust us, they sign up for a journey that started in Web2 and is now extending into Web3. For partners, we have started the token fund with Immutable X and we have a collaboration with The Sandbox where you can take your Bit Heroes avatar and you will get a 3D boxed image that you can play in The Sandbox.”

Lipp comments that the gaming industry has so much to offer already, however collecting or owning something is a new and intriguing concept for players and while the aim isn’t to take away from or diminish the Web2 experience, their focus is on finding a balance where all types of user can enjoy the game.

This means building experiences where Web2 players can still have a similar experience to Web3 players, however, those who explore these extra avenues will see additional content. These experiences will see players granted in-game ownership, the power to hold NFTs, or even the ability to attend events. While it may seem like Web3 users have more to play with, Kongregate aims to ensure that a fine balance is met so players of all levels of player can enjoy themselves.

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Paige Cook is a writer with a multi-media background. She has experience covering video games and technology and also has freelance experience in video editing, graphic design, and photography. Paige is a massive fan of the movie industry and loves a good TV show, if she is not watching something interesting then she's probably playing video games or buried in a good book. Her latest addiction is virtual photography and currently spends far too much time taking pretty pictures in games rather than actually finishing them.

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