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Roblox Releases Its Metaverse Fashion Trends Reports

Half of Gen Z metaverse users say expressing themselves through their avatars is more important than in real life

Roblox and Parsons School of Design teamed up to conduct a survey with 1,000 Gen Z participants. The survey was conducted to gather accurate information for the company’s Metaverse Fashion Trends Report. Said report offers insight into the digital fashion trend purchase preferences for users between 14 to 24 years of age.

According to the metaverse fashion trends report, 70 percent of Gen Z metaverse users prefer to dress their avatars like themselves. Additionally, the report states that their avatar’s style influences Gen Zer’s real-world style. Roblox VP of Global Partnerships Christina believes that the real world will continue to be influenced by metaverse trends.

“The next generation of fashion designers and brands will be deeply immersed in digital fashion, dressing avatars, designing 3D digital versions of their collections and creating metaverse-exclusive items,” says Wootton. “With Gen-Z consumers spending more time in immersive spaces and increasingly growing their economic power and influence on fashion, trends from the metaverse are expected to have a profound impact on physical fashion, while trends from the physical world will also continue to move into the metaverse.”

Personalising the metaverse

The report also shows that Generation Z uses their avatar’s fashion to express themselves. Roughly 50 percent of those surveyed stated that, at minimum, they change their avatar’s outfit once a week. Furthermore, 40 percent feel that expressing themselves through their avatar’s clothing is more important than expressing themselves through fashion in reality.

Those who responded to the survey also stated that inclusivity is essential. Just under three-fourths of participants said it is vital that avatar creation offers all skin tones, while 60 percent stressed the importance of including varying body types. Beyond this, 70 percent said there needs to be a variety of hair colors, styles and textures.

The many brands in the Roblox metaverse

Various companies have partnered with Roblox to bring their brands into the metaverse. Walmart recently launched Walmartland and Walmart’s Universe of Play in Roblox, the latter of which features characters and products from the year’s hottest toy brands. Likewise, Amazon is launching Amazon’s Trip Around the Blox, an experience in Roblox that ties into the company’s annual toy catalog. Additionally, the platform is home to several well-known fashion brands’ metaverse experiences, such as the Gap.

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