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Limit Break Dev Loses NFTs And $30,000 In Social Media Scam

Co-founder Gabriel Leydon has since recovered the account and those who lost assets will receive help

Co-founder and CEO of blockchain gaming company Limit Break recently had his Twitter account hacked, which was then used to spread a scam link.

Scams and hacking are nothing new to crypto markets, we recently ran a story that noted blockchain hackers being responsible for over $2.5 billion in thefts so far this year. Leydon is just the latest victim of such attacks.

Once the hacker had control of Leydons Twitter account they set out to exploit the reach of his account by creating a post that claimed to be giving out 2,000 whitelist spots, in reality, this link took people to a phishing website that could drain digital wallets. One of the most valuable assets stolen was a Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT which the hacker instantly sold for 12.39 ETH.

Investigations are underway

Leydon has assigned fault on mobile carrier AT&T in a voice message he uploaded after regaining control of his Twitter account, branding them “a joke”. In a message to Decrypt Leydon stated that an AT&T employee had performed an unauthorised SIM swap and overwrote security protocols.

Leydon apologised for any disruptions the ordeal had caused and stated that the situation is being investigated and assistance will be granted to those whose assets were stolen. It would appear that the attackers who go by federalagent eth were also active earlier in the week when the founder of NFT project, Goblintown had been hacked.

Phishing scams are a common method used by hackers and users should be careful when clicking links or opening unfamiliar emails.

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