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The Women’s Foundation Launches Its First NFT Project

The series aims to encourage greater diversity and inclusivity within the tech and crypto industries

The non-profit organisation – The Women’s Foundation – has announced its first-ever NFT project in partnership with Hanson Robotics’ AI Robot Sophia and the prolific Hong Kong Artist – Sophia Hotung.

The NFT project, Future Values: Imagining Digital Gender Equality comprises three NFTs. The series aims to encourage greater diversity and inclusivity within the tech and crypto industries, as well as promote greater gender equality through technology. Proceeds from the NFT sales will fund The Women’s Foundation’s programmes, research and advocacy.

David Hanson, Founder and CEO of Hanson Robotics said, “This collection not only contributes to our ongoing quest to explore human-AI collaboration, but also enables Sophia to grow in her journey of developing as an equality advocate, and her desire to build a fairer society and better future.”

Released in collaboration with Sotheby’s and Digital Art Fair, “$OPH” is exclusively auctioned at Sotheby’s this week.

The creative process of the artwork represents a successful collaboration between artificial intelligence and humans.

$OPH was first designed by illustrator Sophia Hotung. AI Robot Sophia then applied a combination of algorithms, neural networks, and symbolic AI to create the final product. What these two artists share in common is not just their first name, but also their common identity as feminists and their desire to drive awareness on gender inequality, and champion a gender-equal future through this initiative.

Best known for her The Hong Konger art series, this is Sophia Hotung’s first time minting NFTs. Coming from a corporate tech background before becoming a full-time artist, she strongly believes in having equal female representation in male-dominated industries, especially in emerging ones like crypto.

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Former editor of - and now contributing writer to - our partner site, James is a freelance tech, finance and gaming journalist and expert on the NFT and blockchain space.

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