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Celebverse Aims To Let You Live Near Your Favourite Stars In The Metaverse

Famous folks can design, mint, buy, sell, and auction their land parcels to the rest of us

Celebrities are coming to the metaverse through Celebverse – giving its users a chance to buy parcels in the virtual neighbourhood of celebs. As part of this experience, individuals worldwide can be part of a very unique neighbourhood.

Having launched just a couple of days ago, it’s one of many unique ventures into web3, this time, with celebrities and their global community of fans in mind.

Clue, of course, is in the name, Celebverse is a celebrity-centric world, where denizens can experience a wide array of concerts, cityscapes, events, shows and merch, among a wide range of other things unique to the Celebverse.

Facilitated by the metaverse, Celebverse is a wholly peer-to-peer ecosystem. Inside, users can buy, design, mint and sell their own unique NFTs, even get on the (virtual) property market with plots of land. Of course, one of the bigger attractions comes down to who their neighbours could be.

Talking about it, Yogesh Dixit, Head of Operations, Asia Pacific, Celebverse said, “We aim to create an ecosystem where people can test their imaginations’ limits, enjoy the rights from minting a city to owning citizenship in their favourite celeb or brand city. Characters of Celebverse will be up to 85 per cent of human reality.

Driven by Web 3.0 solutions, users don’t just buy/trade or sell virtual assets but explore the unending possibilities supported by powerful, unshakable and trusted Smart Audit Contracts of the Ethereum Blockchain.”

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