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Silent Hill Makes Its Return With New Games And Movie

Fans can expect to be visiting Silent Hill again soon as Konami finally breaks its silence on the franchise

Konami aired a Silent Hill transmission yesterday that announced a series of games for the franchise and a new movie.

The wait is finally over! After years of very little activity from the popular horror franchise, fans have finally been put out of their misery. Back in 2015, there was devastating news when the ninth installment, Silent Hills, was cancelled – We all remember the PT demo right? – but now Silent Hill is back.

During the transmission broadcast, four major announcements were made. The first being an official reveal of the Silent Hill 2 remake which is being developed by Bloober Team.

The second reveal was a trailer for a new game – Silent Hill Townfall, a collaborative effort between Konami, Annapurna Interactive, and No Code studio. The news just kept coming as a new movie, Return to Silent Hill, was discussed which is bringing back the creators from the original 2006 movie release. Finally, fans were treated to one last big piece of news, the next installment to the franchise – Silent Hill F.

Once you enter Silent Hill, there is no turning back.

The new movie is bringing back director Christope Gans who revealed some concept art from the movie and discussed details with producer, Victor Hadida. The story is based on that of Silent Hill 2 – very fitting given the game is getting a remake – the movie intends to be a psychological horror that attempts to stay true to the themes of the video game while modernising it slightly. Various familiar monsters such as pyramid head are expected to feature in the movie.

Not too much was said about either Silent Hill Townfall or Silent Hill F. However it will be interesting to see how the two new games tie into the world of Silent Hill and how the two may differ since they are coming from completely different teams.

Although these were all of the major announcements, the broadcast also revealed some new merchandise. Three 1/6 scale statues were shown, one of a red pyramid head, Silent Hill 2 protagonist James Sunderland and Maria from Silent Hill 2. Each of the statues also features accessory items. Additional merchandise includes limited edition board collections, more statues, and clothing items.

New merchandise includes these statues.

Now most of the rumours that have long been floating around regarding Silent Hill have finally landed, fans can get excited for a future full of content.

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