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Overwatch 2 Amasses 25 Million Players In 10 Days

Franchise gains a Switch release and goes free-to-play, but some heroes are locked behind the battle pass

Despite its rough launch, Overwatch 2 managed to garner more than 25 million players just 10 days after it was released.

Overwatch 2 was released for PC and console on October 4th and came with quite a number of features as opposed to its predecessor such as battle pass, being able to switch from 6v6 to 5v5 gameplay, new heroes and the best of all, it’s free-to-play.

Blizzard Entertainment shut down all of Overwatch 1 servers a few days before the release of Overwatch 2, which forced millions of players to switch to the new installment. Other factors that led to the game’s instant player base is the fact that it’s now a free-to-play title and was released on the Nintendo Switch, two things the first game couldn’t achieve.

However, the majority of the game’s 25 million players have faced multiple issues with Overwatch 2 ever since its release, such as character bugs and unstable servers. Many players have also reported issues of matchmaking, hero balancing and even the competitive ranking system.

And although it’s a free-to-play game, not all heroes are free to use. Some players are simply not happy at the fact that they’ll need to pay money to unlock some of the game’s heroes via battle pass. This puts players with battle pass subscriptions at an advantage over those who don’t.

Blizzard’s two-factor authentication is perhaps the biggest issue for players as it requires them to connect their account to a mobile phone number with contract plans as phones with both VoIP and prepaid plans won’t work with the two-factor authentication.

Ultimately, not all of Overwatch 2’s 25 million players are actively playing the game. The developers plan on retaining players with post-launch content like seasonal updates, maps and adding new heroes to the game.

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