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Milk (AKA the drink that you squirt out of cows) sponsors Twitchcon

The sponsorship is the brainchild of MilkPEP, a promotional organisation for the US dairy industry

If you’re of a certain age, or like comic books from the 90s and early 2000s, you’ll likely have seen the iconic ‘Got Milk?’ advertisements.

Featuring prominent celebrities, athletes and musicians sporting ‘milk moustaches’ the campaign was intended to promote the consumption of milk. Now, a new sponsorship deal looks set to promote the high calcium beverage to a new audience; gamers. MilkPEP is listed as one of the sponsors of Twitchcon this October with a brand new tagline to go with it, “Gonna need milk.”

The ‘Got Milk?’ campaign was originally produced by the California Milk Processor Board, although it now falls under the purview of MilkPEP in its revived 2020 format. The original campaign was a prominent part of pop culture in the late 90s and early 2000s. Now, MilkPEP is set to sponsor Twitchcon in San-Diego, which falls on October the 7th and 9th this year.

Got Milk? OK… Need Sponsorship?

The “Gonna Need Milk” sponsorship was listed on Twitch’s page for the event that lists their numerous sponsors. With the following description, “Gonna Need Milk will present the ‘How Fast Are You?’ activation [term for event or other marketing presence] to test your physical and mental performance with an epic head-to-head gaming competition. Everyone can refuel with some chocolate milk and limited edition swag, but the competitor with the fastest hands will earn the grand prize trophy created by a Twitch artist.”

Given the aforementioned “Got Milk?” advertising campaign focused on appealing to a mass audience by utilising prominent celebrities of the era, it should come as no surprise that MilkPEP are trying to tap into a younger gaming audience. Given that Twitch has been criticised for accepting sponsors which promote unhealthy food and beverages, it might seem strange, but could prove to be good publicity for them.

MilkPEP’s sponsorship may also be a sign of more traditionally insular industries, such as the agricultural sector, expanding their advertising and promotional efforts into video games and adjacent events. As a form of new media, the growth of the video game sector puts it in direct competition with more traditional forms of media that are typically used for promotion such as television and film.

We previously reported on the State of the Stream which included interesting figures about Twitch and its competitors.

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