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Stadia Lives! Users Breathe New Life Into Redundant, Refunded Controller 

And most remarkably of all, Google is working on it

After announcing that it is shutting down its failed Stadia platform in January 2023, Google’s Stadia users are now looking for ways of using the wireless Stadia controller with other platforms. 

Although Google’s Stadia streaming service supported PC, Mac and mobile devices (and will to support them until January 19 2023) Google own high-quality Stadia controller was a big plus and a unique selling point for the service. Hundreds of games, your choice of where to play them, and one WiFi-enabled controller to rule them all.

And it’s hard to get mad at Google as while they are annoyingly closing Stadia to its early adopter fans they are giving them a 100% refund of the cash they’ve spent so far AND letting them keep the hardware – including the top spec Stadia controller.

Which is nice… But still feels a little criminal as now this top quality piece of kit, while still working perfectly, get’s to control precisely nothing.

Regaining control

However, Stadia owners are now seeking out workarounds to wirelessly connect their beloved (albeit redundant) controller to other platforms. One method involves using Wiredless Pro, an app created by YouTube creator LateStageTech that lets you connect wired controllers to an Android device which will then transmits wirelessly to a PC. 

Another YouTuber Benjaninja has made a tutorial video on how Stadia users can use LateStageTech’s technique with Stadia controllers. However, there are a few caveats with his demonstration and it’s worth noting that – as yet – both trigger buttons are not recognised.

Parth Shah, an engineer has also created another method which only works for PC and requires installing Python 3 and downloading v1.2.0 of his software from GitHub. Shah’s method lets you create a server on your PC using his app. And although all buttons appear to be functioning in Shah’s demonstration, users will still need to connect the Stadia controller to their Android devices with a cable. 

Ultimately, Google has acknowledged complaints from multiple users and – in what appears to be a totally above and beyond move – says it’s working on releasing a new firmware update that’ll allow users wirelessly connect their Stadia controllers to other platforms. 

Nice one, Google. One more request. How about just keeping Stadia open instead?

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