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PUBG Creator Announces New Blockchain Metaverse Game

Brendan Greene is creating a new game named Artemis which will feature NFTs

Brendan Greene, who is perhaps best known as the creator of PUBG, has since gone on to found PLAYERUNKNOWN Productions an independent development studio that is focused on creating sandbox worlds. Greene has just announced a new game and some of the details surrounding it. 

The new game being created is called Artemis and will be a blockchain metaverse title it has been confirmed that NFTs will also be featured. The title is intended to be an Earth-sized virtual world in which thousands of players can make anything they want and have fun gaming experiences. Greene has stated that players will be able to make this game anything they want it to be.

Digital world

The use of NFTs and blockchain gaming are still something that can be met with a lot of controversy but Greene spoke on this saying “I’m just going to do what I’m going to do. Artemis is this thing that we want to create, and it’s going to give people a lot of fun, a lot of pleasure, and a lot of meaningful things to do. But it doesn’t matter if it’s called the metaverse. I don’t care what people want to call it.”

Greene went on to say that “The only way this exists is if it’s made for everyone, and it’s not made for money.”

Greene did confirm that players will be able to sell in-game assets to other players but the core focus is on creating a digital space for players. The technology behind the game will also be open source which Green commented on saying “It’s for everyone, right? It shouldn’t ultimately be controlled by us. It’ll be a platform that we participate in the maintenance of, maybe, but it’s something that anyone can plug into, and everyone can host a bit of themselves.”

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