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Everything You Need To Know About The World’s First Web3 Console

It comes packed with Web3-friendly features including its own crypto wallet

The time has come for a Web3 game system. Zilliqa, a layer-1 smart contract blockchain, has unveiled a prototype of its upcoming Web3 game console.

Said console is a stylish black square with two silver trapezoids accentuating the top, creating a Z for Zilliqa. The system includes HDMI, Ethernet, USB-C and USB 3.0 connection ports and a headset jack. However, Zilliqa hasn’t released the console’s specs as of yet.

“Six months in and our gaming team already developed the Unity SDK, WEB3WAR, and the gaming hub. But the one thing that brings everything together — is hardware, “Zilliqa said in a tweet on Friday. “That’s right. Zilliqa is building its very own gaming console!”

Zillqa describe their as yet unnamed ‘Web3 games console’ as “mining integrated” to make Web3 less complicated for end users and it includes features such as a crypto wallet built-in to make deadling and storing in crypto as frictionless as possible.

Through the console, players can earn Zilliqa (ZIL) tokens by completing skill-to-earn tasks and missions in games.

Users will also be able to use the consoles CPU to mine ZIL tokens. According to Cobelea, players will potentially be able to earn enough through skill-to-earn quests and mining to eventually cover the cost of the console.

That said, Zilliqa is yet to announce the game system’s retail price. 

According to Valentin Cobelea, Head of Gaming Technology at Zilliqa, the Web3 game console be available for pre-order soon and it will be available with two original first-party titles at launch, including a first-person shooter named WEB3WAR.

“We will launch the console and gaming hub early next year with two Zilliqa games, followed by more games from a variety of creators,” said Cobelea. “With the backing of Zilliqa’s large crypto community and the easy-to-use infrastructure, we have no doubt that we can become the Steam equivalent for Web3 games.”

Blockchain gaming latest

Blockchain gaming is an emerging sector of the game industry. Both EA and Square Enix have voiced their interest in blockchain games. Recently, Microsoft backed blockchain game, StarHeroes. Likewise, The Walking Dead: Empires, an upcoming blockchain MMORPG, began playtesting last month.

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