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Blockchain Game StarHeroes Gets Microsoft Backing

StarHeroes is a collectible NFT-powered multiplayer space shooter.

In what’s been seen as an important landmark for blockchain gaming, Web3 game StarHeroes recently received a grant from Microsoft and gained access to Azure PlayFab.

Other games that have gained access to Azure PlayFab include Sea of Thieves, Forza Horizon and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. The grant marks the first time such a notable corporation has given a grant to a Web3 game.

“Being in line with such successful game producers like @Ubisoft or Microsoft Studios is a huge step in our development and makes us feel even more excited for what’s coming for @starheroes_game,” tweeted StarHeroes.

StarHeroes is a collectible NFT-powered third-person shooter set in outer space which lets players build their space fleet and partake in galactic battles. Gameplay revolves around PvP battles and requires players to strategically create a fleet consisting of defensive and offensive units. The game offers a sizeable open world for players to explore in two multiplayer modes, ranking and adventure. Additionally, players can earn money through the title’s play-to-earn model. 

StarHeroes has been in development for two years with multiple former CD Projekt Red employees as part of the dev team.

Big names and blockchain gaming

Blockchain gaming rise in popularity has been years in the making now but big names (and a considerable volume of gamers) continue to view play-to-earn models with spome degree of suspicion. With Microsoft showing an interest and backing such a time it may be that opinions are starting to change.

Square Enix President, Yosuke Matsuda, has stated that he intends for the company to explore blockchain games and NFTs. Likewise, EA CEO Andrew Wilson believes blockchain games are part of the game industry’s future. Additionally, Kongregate and Immutable raised $40 million for grants for developers to create blockchain game integrations for Kongregate.

Microsoft’s backing of StarHeroes could be the first step in bringing blockchain gaming to mainstream gamers. Additionally, the partnership with Microsoft could mean more blockchain game developers will receive similar grants in the future.

StarHeroes also plans to cash in on the rise of the esports industry and has modified its gameplay to allow for esports tournaments. 

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