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Nike Leads The Metaverse Fashion Sector With $185 Million In NFT sales

Dolce and Gabana trailed a distant second with $25.6m, while Gucci has only raised $11.5m

While the likes of Adidas and Gucci have been blazing their respective trails in the NFT world, Nike is a whole other game. According to the latest reports from NFTGators, the sportswear giant has managed to really carve out its own lucrative space – generating more than $185 million in revenue from NFT sales.

In contrast, the likes of Dolce and Gabana trailed a distant second with $25.6m, while Gucci has only raised $11.5m so far.

The closest competitor to Nike – Adidas – was also quite far behind with a revenue of $10.9m from its NFT transactions.

Some of the contributing factors to this came from its partnerships with well-established NFT creators like RTFKT, for example. Following on from this, in April, Nike released CryptoKicks – its first collection of digital sneakers. Comprised of 20,000 NFTs, one NFT, which was created by Takashi Murakami was sold for a grand total of $134,000.

Across that same month, Nike saw a record number of transactions at 12.7k, a jump from 11.3k in December 2021.

While this is an impressive feat from Nike, there is a broader decline that has been happening in NFTs. With visible declines happening over July compared to stronger months like March and April.

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