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Riot Games Releases Annual Diversity and Inclusion Report

There are improvements in some areas

Riot Games, developers of League of Legends and Valorant, recently released its 2021 annual diversity and inclusion report which shows that the company has seen both increases and decreases in representation in its workforce. 

The reports follow previous accusations of sexual misconduct and misogyny within the company and are at the core of the company’s moves to clear the air

The latest numbers are

Women global workforce: 25.8% of the company

Women global leadership: 21.7% (director-level and above)

Underrepresented minorities: 17.3% of US staffers

Underrepresented minorities leadership: 14.7% of the US workforce

In terms of new hires, the number of women increased year-on-year, with 30.4% of new hires worldwide compared to 2020s 28%. 

Looking at leadership, 21.7% of the company’s executive team are women, this number was higher in 2019 when it was 29%. This drop can be attributed to Riot updating its diversity, equity and inclusion report. 

According to Riot, “We redefined our leadership category to include Rioters who are director-level and above.”

In the US, URM new hires grew Year-over-year by 17.3% compared to 2020 when it was 14%. Following Riot’s new distinction for leadership, URM made up 14.7% of its leadership, while it made up 22% in 2020. 

Show me the money

The annual report also revealed details of its efforts to pay equity within the company. 

The company stated, “Riot is proud to be able to report that our efforts in this area are working – there are currently no statistically significant differences in pay for women or underrepresented minorities at Riot.” 

Riot also noted that it has an ongoing relationship with a third party that conducts pay equity reviews. 

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