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Building A Better Digital World With OASIS Consortium’s User Safety Standards

TaskUs, Teleperformance, and Together Labs join the cause of working toward a safer, more inclusive Metaverse and Web3 for more than a billion users

OASIS Consortium – an organisation of thought leaders across gaming, social media and dating created to accelerate the development of an ethical internet – has told us that TaskUs, Teleperformance, and Together Labs, are the latest companies that have pledged to adopt its User Safety Standards.

OASIS – not to be confused with the metaverse from Ready Player One – was formed in August 2021 in order to advance digital sustainability through ethical standards and technology for the metaverse and Web3. Its founding members recognised the unique opportunity and urgent need to address user safety, privacy and inclusiveness proactively, and to prevent harm before these ills have the opportunity to take root in the coming metaverse. 

The Consortium’s first order of business was to create a comprehensive framework that all Internet platforms can adopt to ensure their platforms are safe, respectful of user privacy and welcoming to all users, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender, beliefs and sexual orientation. Within five months, the Consortium made history by announcing the first ever User Safety Standards, which were announced on January 6th of this year.

A clear and comprehensive framework

Tiffany Xingyu Wang, president and co-founder of OASIS Consortium said, “Our goal in creating the User Safety Standards was to offer all internet platform providers a clear and comprehensive framework that is effective but practical to implement. Additional leading companies joining the movement will pay dividends in safer, more fulfilling experiences as the world transitions to the next iteration of the Internet”.

All companies are welcome and encouraged to download a copy of the User Safety Standards and to join the movement to create safer, healthier, and more inclusive experiences for all users everywhere.

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Steve is an award-winning editor and copywriter with more than 20 years’ experience specialising in consumer technology and video games. With a career spanning from the first PlayStation to the latest in VR, he's proud to be a lifelong gamer.

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