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Riot Are Working On An Arcane Documentary Series

Witness the creation of Piltover City

Arcane – the spinoff TV show from videogame giant League of Legends – which went on to become a massive hit on Netflix, just keeps on getting bigger.

The series introduced viewers to the cyberpunk-like world of Riot and became the number one series for three weeks on the service and was top 10 in over 50 countries. Needless to say Netflix took little time in renewing the series for a second season. 

Riot were so happy with the series that they invested in its makers Fortiche and hold a significant non-controlling stake in the animation studio to ensure that smash hit show keeps on coming. 

Get behind the scenes on Arcane

Now Riot has now announced a new documentary titled ‘Bridging the Rift’, which will be about the making of Arcane. Five episodes will be broadcast on YouTube and will be uploaded weekly from August 4th at 4 pm BST / 8 am PT / 11 am ET. 

You can watch the trailer for the documentary below.

Riot says that the documentary will go behind the scenes on the creation of Arcane from the beginning all the way to its global release on Netflix. 

As one of the series creators noted in the trailer, “there’s enough videogames where the audience asks for a movie or a show for years and years and years… and then it sucks.” 

Obviously Arcane does not suck. Even a little bit. It recently won mine Annie Awards and is gearing up for the Emmy Awards later this year. 

There’s no word on a possible release date for Arcane season 2 just yet, but in the documentary, viewers can experience the creation of Piltover City while they wait for the next instalment.

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