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Kingdom Hearts Takes Merch To The Next Level

The collection boasts umbrellas themed to every main character

You want it – you got it. SuperGroupies has launched a plethora of stylish new Kingdom Hearts merch in celebration of the game series 20th anniversary. The collection includes a whopping 45 items, each taking inspiration from well-known characters from the franchise. 

What’s Kingdom Hearts?

Kingdom Hearts by Square Enix is a popular game series that started out on PlayStation 2 back in 2002 which melds Disney animated films with Final Fantasy-style gameplay. The series follows Sora, a young man whose island home is attacked by creatures of darkness known as the Heartless. Soon Sora teams up with Donald Duck and Goofy as they travel to Disney film-inspired worlds and attempt to save the universe from the Heartless.

The sizeable collection includes items inspired by popular Kingdom Heart characters, Sora, Riku, Kairi, Roxas, Axel, Xion, Ventus, Aqua and Terra. Items are available for pre-order through August 14, 2022, at 8 pm Pacific Time.

While Kingdom Hearts does have a vast and loyal fanbase, the sheer size of the merch collection is a bit daunting. For every aforementioned character, there is an umbrella, wallet, backpack, jacket and watch. What’s nice about the collection is its subtlety and sophistication, making it appropriate for everyday wear. 

SuperGroupies really pays attention to detail with this collection. For instance, the Roxas watch face is inspired by the Oathkeeper and Oblivion keyblades, while the Axel-inspired jacket is a nod to his Organization XIII uniform. Additionally, SuperGroupies is giving away a unique Kingdom Hearts postcard featuring exclusive art by Nomura Tetsuya with every purchase.

Despite the vast size of the collection, it is still possible it will sell out, so interested parties should make their way to the SuperGroupies website if they want to nab some next-level video games merch.

What’s new with Square Enix?

The game studio behind the highly regarded Kingdom Hearts series, Square Enix, has been delving into the metaverse of late. The game developer partnered with The Sandbox metaverse in March to bring Dungeon Siege to the blockchain. Additionally, the company is partnering with Enjin for an NFT collection.

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