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Gamers Can’t Get Past The Logo For Polium’s New NFT Console

Its intentions are noble but for hardcore gamers, the inability to create an original logo, speaks volumes

Polium, a Web3 company has announced the very first NFT video game console it calls the Polium One and is set to be “a multi-chain console for Web 3 gaming” that will have both existing and exclusive games on it when it launches in 2024.

New and original consoles are always welcome in these parts and many brave trailblazers go on to find a niche of fans (if not roaring global success). However the Polium One isn’t off to a great start as there’s nothing that raises gamer’s hackles than the double-whammy of crimes against Nintendo and ‘anything NFT’…

Looks familiar

It seems that many of the console’s target audience have taken to Twitter to comment upon the design of the new console’s logo, throwing the project shade before it’s even out of the workshop.

The crux of the gripe seems to be the innate similarity between Polium’s logo and that of a couple of other brands including – not least – Nintendo’s fanboy favourite GameCube.

Look closely…

If you’re familiar with GameCube (or at least its start-up sequence featuring its logo being built out of cubes) you’ll see a logo that’s very similar to Polium’s. Needless to say Nintendo came first…

Polium however, has responded that it did not copy the GameCube’s or any other brand logo, stating that the ‘P’ shape stands for Polium while the cube at the centre stands for the console’s selling point, which is NFTs and blockchain. 

The company has also said that it will continue changing its logo until it comes up with something unique and original. In fact, so quick has their response been that their corporate IDs and socials are already sporting a (slightly) different take on the famous cube.

However, Twitter users aren’t ready to hear the end of it as they continued to slam Polium for copying logos of more brands, not merely the GameCube’s.

Minecraft fans were quick to highlight that the ‘P’ in Polium One is very familiar to that of PebbleHost, a reputable server hosting service that’s used for Minecraft. The logo is also similar to that of UK-based publisher PQube that have helped bring titles such as Cat Quest and New Super Lucky’s Tale to Switch. 

We have to feel for Polium at this point given that the negative hits before a console’s launch is an unusually unlucky place to be. We wish them every success in drawing an original letter P sometime before the Polium One’s launch in 2024. 

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