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Next Level Racing Partners with Ferrari to accelerate Esports 

The company will supply simulators to Ferrari to help train Esports racers

Next Level Racing, a world leading simulation brand based in Southport has signed a multi-year collaboration with European sports car manufacturers Ferrari, in a bid to bring worldwide sim racing to the Gold Coast. 

NLR will see to the supply of simulators to Ferrari for the training of Esports racers. After Tom Tate, City of Gold mayor proposed last year that they be part of the 2032 Olympic Games, this collaboration is part of a push to have more Esports and simulator sports in Queensland.

Hes Ghah, founder of Next Level Racing said that the partnership was “humbling”. He went on to comment that, “Ferrari is the most iconic company in the world in motor sports and racing and to be supplying them with our products… is absolutely fantastic. Our cockpits are already in Maranello in Italy in a Ferrari facility. They’re using them for training and global Esports competitions already.”

Ghah also said that each of the simulators cost less than $30,000 and were designed on the Gold Coast.

High-end accuracy simulation 

Tate was the first to take a couple virtual laps and said, “It’s very realistic. I’m quite puffed. But the good part is, at least the crash on the simulator is a lot cheaper than crashing on the circuit with my Ferrari.”

Ghah also commented that the simulators were “the same as a real race track. It’s to the thousandth of a second, the accuracy that’s required in Esports. The sort of the training and efforts that’s put into the Esports racing is not much different to what you see in real life… a simulator can replicate that.”

Spotlight on the Gold Coast

Tate went on to say that the partnership put a spotlight on the region, that “it shows that innovation is alive and well on the Gold Coast. We know that having esport competitions is taking the world by storm, so I can see competitions running on this simulator.”

Lastly, Ghah said Next Level Racing will release two flight simulators later this year after penning a deal with Boeing. 

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