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US-based eSports Training Business Seeks UK Franchise Partners for Global Expansion 

Valhallan seeks to be the only partner you’ll need to run a successful eSports business.

A new eSports concept is searching for UK-based franchises to offer its training programs on its shores as it aims to expand beyond the US. 

Valhallan‘s eSports training program is dubbed ’the Legendary Path’ and it allows players to access eSports arenas where they’ll experience a nine-level, 18-month customizable journey that develops not only gaming but also life skills such as teamwork, leadership, community engagement and of course, sportsmanship.

David Graham, CEO of Valhallan and its parent company FranchiCzer stated, “Our goal is to be the only partner you need to run a successful esports business. The Valhallan franchise uses today’s top games, combined with learning modules, that teach players how to play better and gain valuable life principles.”

Based in Houston, Texas, the Valhallan team said in a press release that it has years of experience in building platforms, training systems, franchise brands and curricula. 

Open up your own Valhallan centre

Valhallan has awarded 13 franchise locations in its first month of franchising across markets in North Carolina, South Carolina and others along the East Coast, with the first openings slated for the fourth quarter of 2022. The company is also targeting prospective franchises in more states like California, Florida, New Jersey, Nevada, Arizona, Louisiana, Texas and even the UK, where it is currently seeking franchises. 

Graham went on to state that, “We are taking a front-row seat in the explosive gaming community and the multi-billion dollar esports industry. The Carolinas and broader East Coast are a perfect debut with more states and the UK to follow. Valhallan is born out of this massive demographic of young people who love video games and the growing demand from parents and players for healthy outlets with great facilities, coaching, training and tournaments.

“When you look at where young people spend their free time, it’s evident that gaming dominates. The Valhallan franchise uses today’s top games, combined with learning modules, that teach players how to play better and gain valuable life principles”, said Graham.

Valhallan said that it offers franchisees and their teams access to compete across the country from inside and outside Valhallan. It was launched by FranchiCzar, a developer of software and services that’s designed to help franchise brands scale their growth. 

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