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Look Out, Meta! Pico’s New VR Headset Is Out Now In Europe…

Combined standalone and PC VR headset from China has all the specs to trade blows with the dominant Quest 2 – plus one distinct advantage

Pico‘s flagship 2-in 1 VR headset, the Neo3 Link, is now available to purchase in Europe. The beta launch of the company’s first device for consumers is now available in Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands for €449, with future plans to launch in the UK at £399. The Neo3 Link is strictly limited to one per person.

First reported last month, The Neo3 Link supports six degrees of freedom (6DoF) technology. Equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 chipset, it offers a claimed 4K level resolution of 3,664 x 1,920, but with a Quest 2-matching 1,832 x 1,920 per eye, it falls short of that 4K badge in our eyes – pun intended – and 90/120Hz ultra-high refresh rate.

It boasts four cameras and various sensors to enable simultaneous head inside-out tracking, dual controllers, and hand and gesture tracking. The Neo3 Link offers a sturdy elite strap with a fit wheel for easy and quick wearing, as well as a three-stage adjustable IPD (interpupillary distance). The full package will also include a five-meter long DisplayPort cable, which can connect the headset to the PC to experience ‘native 4K@90Hz’ StreamVR content. Take that, Meta Quest 2 and your weird insistence on USB Link cable!

As well as operating as a standalone unit with software available via the Pico Store for self-contained and PC VR titles, the Neo3 Link is also compatible with SteamVR. It also features Wi-Fi 6 for wireless PC VR streaming.

Leland Hedges, General Manager of Pico in Europe said, “We are incredibly excited about the beta launch of the Neo3 Link. The feedback from the VR community at the Laval Virtual show was outstanding – VR fans are really hot for our high-performance headset.”

Unique beta user program

Pico is taking an innovative approach with the Neo3 Link by opening product feedback to a dedicated community of virtual reality enthusiasts. Neo3 Link owners during beta will have the chance to send feedback to Pico via an exclusive community platform and actively influence further platform development. Pico intends to democratise VR across Europe with unique entertainment experiences.

Future software updates will provide an even better consumer experience, with Hedges saying, “As part of our beta program, we will also be providing regular software updates and working closely with our beta community to optimise the VR experience.”

The Pico Neo3 Link is now available in these countries:

  • Germany: BestWare, VR Expert
  • France: Matts Digital, VR Experts
  • Spain: XR Shop
  • The Netherlands: VR Expert
  • UK: SystemActive (from June)

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