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The Mirror Megaverse Announces Interoperable Building Platform for Web3

The cross-chain metaverse building platform trade continues to heat up

The Mirror Megaverse™ Inc. Is creating a metaverse platform that’ll serve as an interoperable Megaverse Engine. It’ll be a game engine that’s tailored to Web3 by offering both an end-user product and as well as a platform where game studios and brands alike can build experiences.

The original product is currently in an internal alpha stage as a downloadable desktop client that provides out-of-the-box multiplayer, Web3 integrations, direct 3D model imports, chat and many more. 

Welcome to ‘Build To Earn’

The Megaverse will allow creators to build games, experiences and programmable 3D creations that can be sold in The Mirror marketplace. Different from Play-to-Earn, The Mirror is spearheading a Build-to-Earn that allows consumers become creators, earn a living and at the same time learn real-world skills like 3D modeling, mathematics and even coding using The Mirror’s physics engine. 

Pretty much everything in The Mirror is able to communicate and exchange data with other Mirror Assets. This allows creators to import various 4D models from external sources. They can build, script, and experience these models in events, games and even other metaverses.

The Mirror gives creators the necessary tools they need to build a full-blown metaverse using integrated blockchains. The Mirror is to the metaverse what Shopify is to e-commerce. It’ll launch a series of foundational templates for builders to quickly craft environments, gameplay frameworks and terrains with the click of a button. It’s a promising platform that’ll service not only expert game developers but the low-code/no-code users as well. 

Jared McCluskey, founder of The Mirror Megaverse, grew up building 3D models went on to build an online business in Second Life when he was in 7th grade and sold 3D models and scripts in-world for money. NFTs continue to gain momentum and the Mirror team saw a need to create a Web3 platform that’ll bring real economic value to its users. 

The Mirror was born out of a desire to allow anyone improve their livelihood through learning and building. The company has grown from 3 to 20 persons within its first three months of operation, with the majority being software engineers. 

The Mirror Megaverse is VC-backed by Florida Funders and other undisclosed VCs. It is currently accepting applications for its closed beta at

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