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Golden Ark Debuts World’s First Cannabis Metaverse

You’ve heard of play-to-earn, now it’s time for earn-to-burn

Golden Ark has launched the Alpha version of the first metaverse platform targeting marijuana consumers. The platform aims to bring to the participants everything from social networking to social gaming, finding different dispensaries in Ark City, and obtaining wearable marijuana-related items, such as t-shirts and accessories from Golden Ark Stores, growing digital weed and exchanging it for real products in Seed Horizons.

The launch of the Alpha Version of the Golden Ark Metaverse happened 4/20, right on the day of the big holiday for cannabis community members. When users access the Golden Ark Metaverse, they enter The Ark Tree, which holds all of the accessible spaces users can navigate.

From this tree, users can teleport to the Ark City, a fully navigable urban landscape and the capital of the Golden Ark Metaverse, Seed Horizons, a universe where users can cultivate and monetise their own virtual weed farms, or the Lounge Zone, a communal space for users to socialize, smoke, or show off their latest NFTs. Residents can hop on an Arcade machine to play Skunktastic Voyage, an exciting arcade game with a play-to-earn and earn-to-burn strategy that rewards users with tokens that can be redeemed at another key destination: Golden Ark Stores. 

As residents explore and play within the Golden Ark Metaverse, they’ll have multiple opportunities to earn tokens that they can redeem at any Golden Ark Store. Store merchandise includes NFTs for user avatars, collectibles, and seeds for user-managed farms, as well as actual cannabis products that can be shipped. Players can journey through each world for hours or strategically gamify their experience with Golden Ark’s play-to-earn and earn-to-burn reward structure.

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