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Pocket Worlds Announces Highrise World – A Community-owned Digital Nation

Pocket Worlds, creators of Highrise has announced the launch of Highrise World, a community-owned digital nation that uses blockchain technology to create a world that is owned by its users.

Highrise World invites communities to build their very own Highrise metaverses within Highrise World as a place for users to earn rewards by hosting experiences, creating virtual goods, participating in play-and-earn events and designing environments.

Anton Bernstein, Co-founder and CEO of Pocket Worlds commented, “Highrise World is a true metaverse built by its users. We’re giving our community members, brands and other community leaders the ability to become landowners in a decentralised space with actual user engagement. Owners will be able to choose how to customise, govern and monetize their Highrise, providing a never-before-seen capacity for income.”

Highrise Creature Club NFT holders will be able to purchase the first Highrise World LAND sale exclusively from April 27th at 9:00AM PST here. This sale will offer 11,111 ERC-721 LAND parcels on the Ethereum blockchain that compose an island called Creature Island.

Landowners will then be able to build and brand their very own nations, cultivate a rich and unique identity by creating experiences, rent, build and give away spare rooms whilst earning profit, govern and rule.

As Highrise World continues to grow and expand, there will be three distinct parcel types on its map. The first is LAND: Individual parcels on which landowners can create their own tower and determine how to distribute rooms to their community. ESTATE: This will involve larger domains composed of multiple LAND parcels owned by a single user and will provide more room for customization, and richer experiences. Lastly, there’s DISTRICT: Like ESTATE, this will contain larger domains composed of multiple LAND parcels owned by multiple users. Districts can also be governed as decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs), complete with governance tools that allow owners to make key district decisions.

Owning more connected LAND in the form of ESTATES and DISTRICTS will grant users more opportunities to design complex systems for gaming, social and creative experiences. As Highrise World continues to evolve, Pocket World has plans of introducing its own native currency which it calls Highrise World Tokens.

People who currently own Highrise Creature Club NFT can join the whitelist for the first LAND sale with this form. And if you don’t already own a Creature, you can purchase one on the Immutable X Marketplace.

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