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Bytes Bundle For Ukraine Closes At $6.4m

Initial goal was to raise $1 million for the International Medical Corps and Voices of Children

The Bundle for Ukraine on indie platform has closed having raised almost $6.4 million.

The final figure was shared on Twitter by Brandon Sheffield from developer Necrosoft – who set up the bundle – saying that the offering had brought in $6,370,522.22 as of March 18th.

The Bundle for Ukraine was launched ten days earlier on March 8th and featured features 991 indie titles – including Baba is You, Celeste and Towerfall Ascension – soundtracks, books, comics, tabletop RPGs and games tools. In total, it was claimed that it was valued at $6,500 in total, with consumers asked to spend a minimum of $10. 

Proceeds from this bundle were being sent to the International Medical Corps and Voices of Children, charities which provide medical assistance and support children living through war respectively.

“Thank you all for contributing to this amazing achievement, and may there soon be peace in Ukraine,” Sheffield wrote on Twitter.

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