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Azerion partners with Megamath to evolve gaming Advertising

Opening up more real world brands to in-game advertising options.

Azerion Partners

Azerion, a fast-growing, pan-European digital entertainment and media platform, along with MediaMath, the acclaimed independent demand-side platform (DSP), have announced a brand-new partnership that aims to achieve for gaming what Amazon and Walmart have achieved for retail media.

The launch will see agencies and brands reach Azerion’s massive audience of more than 425 million monthly users within both Azerion’s ecosystem and MediaMath’s transparent supply chain.

Gaming undoubtedly represents a huge percentage of mobile device usage, with the average person spending around 4.2 hours per day playing video games on their mobile devices according to a recent App Annie report. As a brand-safe, lean-in environment, consumers are often more open to engaging with advertisers, which leads to higher campaign performance.

Laurent Cordier, Chief Partnerships Officer at MediaMath stated, “Our gaming partnership with Azerion is an example of how MediaMath is built for innovation and to support our clients in this moment and the next. The gaming marketplace will enable our clients to reach their audiences more effectively and deliver better results through new and existing channels, both on Azerion’s gaming inventory but also achieve scale through MediaMath’s wider transparent ecosystem. It is a unique programmatic opportunity for brands, especially for Gaming, Gambling and Entertainment companies, to achieve their marketing goals”.

Under this partnership, MediaMath’s clients get privileged access to Azerion’s gaming inventory which also ensures that they’ll benefit from its high performance.

The partnership will also see Azerion’s clients and that of MediaMath reach users at scale across multiple touch points within MediaMath’s transparent supply chain, which will create new and exciting opportunities for advertisers of all verticals, with the potential to optimize both upper-funnel brand metrics such as awareness and lower funnel performance like installs.

Sebastiaan Moesman, CRO at Azerion said, “Gaming is at the heart of Azerion’s platform. Being able to connect brands while consumers are being entertained, not only enhances the gaming experience but enables brands to connect with a more engaged audience. Whether it is giving consumers’ rewards in exchange for viewing an ad or ads that are part of the gaming experience, we believe that there is a significant opportunity for brands to connect with their audiences in a more powerful way.”

While Azerion enables brands to programmatically deliver their advertising on billboards around towns, stadiums or virtual racetracks, the partnership also gives MediaMath’s clients the first glimpse of advertising in the gaming world.

More and more brands are seeking innovative ways of connecting with their customers which represents an opportunity for expansion beyond standard digital means that won’t see them make massive financial investments into individual creative executions. Azerion and MediaMath’s solution is due to be launched to brands in the coming weeks.

In-game advertising is a rapidly expanding sub-industry, with UK-based Admix raising $25m in a funding round late last year.

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