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FREDERIC DESCAMPS // How The Metaverse Will Shape Gaming As We Know It

Frederic Descamps from Manticore Games delivers an inspiring video session about how the metaverse has revolutionised gaming at Beyond Games #2.

What makes Core, the digital playground from Manticore Games, stand out as a community? In this free video session, we ask what it means to have truly user-generated games. Our speaker Frederic Descamps discusses how the rise of community-driven content has shifted the focus from user to creator.

The rise of the user-creator

At the online conference Beyond Games #2 (November 2021), Descamps (Manticore Games) talks about the true democratisation of creativity in the metaverse. He discusses how Core empowers individuals from all walks of life to create social content for the community. Moreover, he stresses the importance of providing these players with the tools and marveling at what blossoms out of it.

In a truly community-driven space, users can easily create and publish their works. Members of the community can provide direct feedback, contributing to the evolution of products in gaming. In addition, this promotes an open design philosophy thanks to the immediacy of interaction. Of course, it still all starts with the developers who set guidelines for the tools, but the community eventually takes over – for better or for worse.

Games aren’t just games anymore

With new virtual spaces like Core in the metaverse, games are no longer just games – they become platforms. There are low barriers to creating and monetising, promoting diversity across apps and furthering social interaction. 

For instance, Descamps shares valuable insights about their Dystopian Worlds: A deadmau5 x Core Collab Jam event last year, where the community came together to create the best dystopian worlds from their imagination. Those who were picked had their work featured in deadmau5’s music video – a truly revolutionary way of creating transmedia content.

Which of these elements of the metaverse would impact the games industry the most? Without the barrier of tech, it’s valid to ask how games can evolve into more social experiences like dance parties and the like. Towards the end of this video session, Descamps answers a few hand-picked questions from the audience to cap off the talk. If you missed the opportunity to be part of that, remember our next partner conference takes place in February, both live and online.

This half-hour session is ideal for anyone who’s always been curious about emerging behaviours in the metaverse. It’s a good watch for anyone wondering about how we are slowly moving away from the term “player” towards users as participant, explorer, creator and more.

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