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Google is working on recreating its AR Smart Glassed

Google has joined the list of tech giants looking to utilize the metaverse trend with its AR Smart Glasses. Is this a return of Google Glass?

Google is recreating its AR Smart Glasses

It looks like Google Glass might be making a comeback, as Google’s recently acquired North brand appears to be moving into the AR Smart Glasses space.

The metaverse has been the topic of discussion for most of 2021 and it has continued to trend as the next big thing. 2022 is looking to see a new stage of the conversation, not least because of the sheer number of major tech companies that are moving into the industry.

Facebook’s famous rebrand was one of the biggest tech stories of 2021, they showed their hand by rebranding to meta, a clear gesture of their intent to invest in the future. Google, however, is also making moves to showcase its arrival on the metaverse.

According to The New York Times, Google is making use of recently acquired North to move into virtual spaces. The smart glass makers were acquired by the Android platform holders in late 2020 after they failed to introduce a successor to their own original gadget, [gadget name], during its time under Intel.

Now it seems that Google is working to create a successor to their AR Glasses. North was working on several other projects during the time of its acquisition, with its most notable being the Smart Glasses that could pair prescription lenses with a projected display.

How do Google’s Smart Glasses work?

The AR Smart Glasses could alert you of incoming notifications, or even direct you with a step-by-step navigation when you’re on a walk. They feature a built-in mic and interact via a ring control that you can wear on your finger. This allows it to work like a heads-up display.

Google first launched its Glass project, to developers, in 2013. It’s been a vision the company has had for almost a decade. Unfortunately it never quite found its way to a commercial release.

And that might’ve been for a good reason, including limits based on available resources. The Smart Glasses seemed like the kind of project Google could go back to once the technology had improved. Which as it seems, it has.

The worldwide metaverse trend could be a perfect opportunity for Google to showcase its Smart Glasses to the world again. And this time it could actually get a commercial release, thanks to the major role that the North acquisition opens up for their ambitions.

Featured Image: Pocket Gamer Biz

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