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Epic Games acquires Rock Band firm Harmonix

Duo to collaborate on music content for Fortnite

Fortnite maker Epic Games has snapped up Rock Band creator Harmonix.

No figure has been placed on the deal, which sees the duo promising to create “musical journeys and gameplay” for the aforementioned free-to-play battle royale hit. Harmonix has said on its own blog that it is still going to be supporting both Rock Band and Fuser with new DLC.

“Harmonix has always aspired to create the world’s most beloved interactive music experiences, and by joining Epic we will be able to do this at scale,” Harmonix co-founder and chair Alex Rigopulos said.

“Together we will push the creative boundaries of what’s possible and invent new ways for our players to make, perform and share music.”

Epic’s VP of game development Alain Tascan added: “Music is already bringing millions of people together in Fortnite, from our emotes to global concerts and events. Together with the Harmonix team we will transform how players experience music, going from passive listeners to active participants.”

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