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Learn about NFTs, Blockchain and what’s coming up in 2022 at Beyond Games next month

Explore what’s next in interactive entertainment on November 18-19

Attend the Beyond Games conference

As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, there are more and more crossovers taking place between different sectors of entertainment. There couldn’t be a more optimal or exciting time to attend Beyond Games for future-oriented talks and networking, as well as partnership and innovation opportunities. 

On November 18-19, following on from Pocket Gamer Connects Digital NEXT, 400+ creative professionals from across the globe and a number of entertainment disciplines will come together online to share expert insights and expand their networks. 

The two-day conference will host over 90+ speakers that are at the cutting edge of their respective industries, with 10 different themed tracks to look forward to and a sophisticated meeting platform to facilitate networking opportunities. Whether you are a current industry professional looking to keep up-to-date and learn about what’s coming next in your field, or a creative with a love and dedication for content creation who is looking for inspiration for their next project, this conference was created with you in mind.

Our dedicated content tracks range from Influencer Impact to Future Visions and all have a role to play in discussing potential future opportunities where games intersect with other digital entertainment and creative sectors – you can see an overview of all the tracks here. Some of the most popular topics to be discussed include blockchain and NFTs, and today we will take a closer look at some of the tracks and talks designed to cover these areas.

Blockchain Basics

What exactly is blockchain and what do we need to know as the world of crypto merges with the world of games? How do we get ahead of the competition and begin to integrate this technology into future projects? As we explore how blockchain can play a role in game development and in expanding the limits of what is currently possible to enhance the player experience, some of the top specialised experts on the growing field of blockchain technology integration into gaming will be leading the discussions. 

Here’s just a few talks you can look forward to:

  • Session: BITKRAFT Tokens
    Speaker: Malte Barth of BITKRAFT Esports Ventures
  • What Does the Future of Player-owned Economies Look Like?
    Speaker: Kristian Segerstrale of Super Evil Megacorp, Dirk Lueth of Uplandme, Tony Pearce of Reality Gaming Group, Susan Cummings of Tiny Rebel and Gabby Dizon of Altitude Games

The New NFT Economies

This track will take a look at how NFTs are already playing a role in changing the gaming landscape today. How are these unique digital assets disrupting the industry and what can we do to incorporate them into future projects? How do we design intricate games with top-tier mechanics that will be further complimented by the incorporation of NFTs? 

Regardless of whether you are familiar with these digital assets or completely new to the concept, these talks will bring inspiration and seasoned expertise. Hosting some of the leading experts in the field that have a proven track record of successes in the world of NFTs, this track is certainly not one to miss.

A highly anticipated session that will dive deep into how exactly NFTs are changing the game is Beyond the hype: what potential does NFT tech have to change entertainment?. This session will include speakers Daniella Loftus of This Outfit Does Not Exist, Randy Saaf of Lucid Sight, Louis Castle of Greenpark Sports, Aaron Pulkka of AIXR and Roberto Vieira of Virtually Human Studios.

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Book your ticket now and save up to $135 with Mid Term discounts available for a limited time. If you already have a ticket to our Pocket Gamer Connects Digital NEXT on November 15-17, then you have complimentary access to Beyond Games as well. We look forward to seeing you there!

For more information, visit our official website or get in touch with [email protected].

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Adriana is the Events Marketing Assistant at Steel Media, writing promotional content for b2b conference series Pocket Gamer Connects, podcasts, RoundTables and more. A self-proclaimed horror content enthusiast, she can often be found enjoying the newest horror games and films.

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