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Roblox reaches agreement with US music trade body NMPA

Follows the latter accusing the games platform metaverse of copyright violation

Games platform/nascent metaverse Roblox has settled a copyright dispute with US music trade body the National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA).

In a post on the latter’s website, the duo announced that they had come to an agreement that apparently, “Expands Roblox’s existing relations” with the music industry. The NMPA had previously accused Roblox of violating music copyright, something that the games platform had refuted.

“We are delighted to have come to terms with select NMPA members, building on our existing relationships with major publishers,” Roblox VP and global head of music Jon Vlassopulos said.

“We are pleased that the publishing industry sees the potential of Roblox to be a significant creative and commercial opportunity for its members. Music is a natural way for people to express themselves, be entertained, and connect with like-minded people. We strive to offer experiences that bring millions of fans together with the songwriters and artists they love. Roblox currently enables labels and publishers to reach millions of fans at once in hyper-social, immersive environments such as launch parties and virtual concerts. Moving forward, we are committed to partnering with the music industry, as a whole, to create an exciting new social era of the music business which engages fans and artists in an unprecedented way in the metaverse.”

NMPA president and CEO David Israelite added: “We are extremely pleased to have found a way forward with Roblox as it continues to offer a unique platform for musicians and songwriters in the metaverse. Roblox understands that music has the potential to play a more integral role on its platform. I appreciate Roblox’s willingness to work with us in pursuit of advancing the interests of publishers and songwriters and look forward to seeing how they expand virtual experiences through music.”

This comes hot on the heels of the NMPA reaching an agreement with Twitch over its streamers using copyrighted music.

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Steve is an award-winning editor and copywriter with more than 20 years’ experience specialising in consumer technology and video games. With a career spanning from the first PlayStation to the latest in VR, he's proud to be a lifelong gamer.

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