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Watch Brit rockers Muse play a two-hour set free in VR

‘Virtual reality’s wholly new experiences grow the future-culture’

Launched this week, users can now watch Muse: Enter The Simulation, a live concert recorded for VR. The free experience from Stageverse features the full two-hour Simulation Theory live show from 16 stadium viewpoints in immersive 6K 360-video. 

Screened four times a day, the audience can select an outfit for their avatar, as well as meet and talk with friends and fans from around the world. Users will discover, ‘Show visuals reimagined for a 3D space,’ as well as experience the Stageverse Stadium, complete with merchandise areas, of course.  

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy said, “The music of Simulation Theory was conceived as a 50/50 blend of analog and electronic instruments, so our goal has always been to create experiences that redefine the human role in programming and technology. We can’t wait for our fans to be able to truly immerse themselves in our Simulation Theory world and take full advantage of everything that the Stageverse experience will offer”.

Stageverse was launched by Stage Inc, the entertainment technology company founded by Tim Ricker and Claire Seidler in 2017. Ricker, who serves as CEO and Chief Product Officer said, “Virtual spaces are more relevant to our daily life than ever as we all search for new ways to share experiences and connect with each other in real-time that goes beyond the chat window. 

“We’re proud to introduce the next chapter of virtual entertainment with Stageverse, which allows you to participate outside of physical limitations and engage with contemporary creators in innovative, unexpected ways through the ubiquitous access of mobile phones and the next generation of devices. The growth of future-culture will be defined by how elements of the familiar, like going to a concert or brick-and-mortar shopping, are seamlessly integrated into wholly new experiences.”

Muse: Enter The Simulation is free for a limited time, viewable on Oculus Quest, as well as iOS and Android devices.

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