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Genvid supports Beyond Games at Launch

Find out more about the natural convergence of the reach of broadcast television with the interactivity of gaming.

Project Raven / Genvid Technologies

When it comes to delivering the future and frontiers of games right now, there are few companies with a better CV than Genvid, whose mission is to engage the massed ranks of gamers – and the even bigger group of viewers – through Miles (Massive Interactive Live Events) is already off to a strong start.

With gamified interactive reality series Rival Peak (created in association with Facebook, dj2 Entertainment and Pipeworks Studios), the company more than proved the hypothesis, scoring over 100 million minutes of watch time over the 12-week season, reaching a genuinely global viewership of 70+ countries.

Now multiple other developers are starting to use the SDK (for games including Retroit, Battle Blast Heroes and In The Black). With the announcement of a new, even more ambitious prototype, Project Raven, as well as plenty of whispers of brand collaborations in the background, the prospects are looking very bright indeed.

All of which makes them an ideal launch partner for Beyond Games and we’re delighted to welcome them aboard! Suffice to say, we’ll be hearing a lot more about their games and tech in the coming months, but you can learn a little more right now about their projects and vision for the future via our video interview with COO Chris Cataldi.

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Chris James co-founded parent company Steel Media in 2006. He is a keen future-gazer and having spotted the potential of mobile, VR, and blockchain early on, is always on the lookout for the next big things – which is why he's so excited about this site!

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