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Bing Passes 100 Million Daily Active Users Thanks To AI Boost

Microsoft’s implementation of artificial intelligence into its search engine has attracted new users

Just over a month ago, Microsoft released its new AI-powered Bing and Edge tools for users. The release generated over a million new preview users and has boosted the entire platform, which has now crossed 100 million daily active users.

Microsoft notes that, “Of the millions of active users of the new Big preview, it’s great to see that roughly one-third are new to Bing.” When it comes to search engines, it’s no secret that Google remains the most widely used service. However, with the introduction of Microsoft’s ‘AI co-pilot’, users have flocked to Bing to test its AI capabilities.

It hasn’t all been plain sailing though, with Bing giving out some strange responses to users, resulting in the chat being limited to 5 replies per question. Microsoft does state that, “We are delighted by the virtuous cycle of feedback and iteration that is driving strong Bing improvements and usage.” The AI tools, which are still relatively new, are expected to continue to evolve as more feedback is generated.

Growth for Bing

Not only is Bing seeing more users, but overall engagement is also growing as users are performing more searches each day. Microsoft shares that two factors are driving trial and usage, with one being the continued updates to Microsoft Edge. New capabilities such as Bing search and Create in the Edge sidebar will aim toward promoting even further growth.

The second factor is the core of its web search ranking, which has, “Taken several significant jumps in relevancy.” This is due to the implementation of the Prometheus model, which has helped raise Bing’s search quality.

The new AI tools are clearly a driving factor for the new users, with roughly one-third of daily preview users experimenting with the chat capabilities daily. Bing is seeing, on average, three chats per session with more than 45 million total chats since the preview began. A further 15% of chat sessions are people using Bing to generate new content, which Microsoft states is, “Demonstrating we are extending search to creativity.”

AI boost

Microsoft has a multi-billion dollar deal with the creators of AI tools ChatGPT and DALL-E. Therefore, it makes sense to see the company fully committing to integrating AI into its systems. In the case of Bing, the AI update has ushered in a series of new users who wish to explore these AI capabilities for themselves.

However, Google has taken note and is already planning on releasing its own AI system. Last month we saw the promotional video for Google’s chatbot Bard. While it didn’t get off to the best start after it shared incorrect information, Google is already working on making the tool better before it becomes publicly available.

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