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Motorola Announce Wearable Tech

The 5G XR neckband used in tandem with AR glasses provides lightweight immersive experiences

Motorola, in partnership with Lenovo, has announced a hands-free 5G XR neckband for Verizon customers. The neckband offers high bandwidth, ultra-low latency connectivity for AR glasses and VR goggles. Motorola believes the 5G XR neckband allows for lightweight, immersive and scalable augmented and virtual reality experiences.

“When we announced our Motorola 312 Labs R&D group last year, our goal was to continue to challenge what the mobile experience feels, looks and acts like,” says Motorola in a blog post. “Now, together with Verizon and Lenovo, we have created a 5G wearable neckband that redefines the role of the smartphone by allowing users to display content to more immersive screens around them.”

Advances In 5G

Motorola and Lenovo are far from the only companies working on 5G-related projects. Sivers Semiconductors and KREEMO recently announced their Metaverse 360-degree 5G module. In a similar vein, HTC Vive and Holoride are creating VR experiences for car passengers. It’s clear that 5G advancements could lead to better mobile metaverse experiences. Additionally, Intersec has announced that its 5G Geolocation platform can pinpoint users within a meter of their location. 

Motorola’s 5g XR neckband is a plug-and-play device that takes advantage of Verizon’s 5G Ultra-Wideband network. The neckband runs on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 mobile platform and delivers high-fidelity immersive experiences. According to Motorola, the device will prove the capabilities of next-generation mobile computing applications. The 5G XR Neckband offers untethered, hands-free AR/VR experiences.

The 5G XR neckband, along with the company’s lightweight AR smart glasses, utilize mobile edge computing. This allows it to deliver immersive experiences for a multitude of fields, like sports training and fan experiences. 

“Solutions like our wearable form factor will benefit more than just the tech industry alone – they will enhance the full spectrum of work and play activities,” says Motorola.

Motorola is working with Verizon on multiple AR and VR applications which it plans to announce in the coming months. Motorola adds, “By joining forces, we’re excited to be at the forefront of game-changing technologies like 5G, edge computing, AR and VR, that are going to bring unprecedented value to consumer and enterprise spaces.”

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