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DeepBrain AI Succeeds in creating AI Rendering Of Presidential Candidate

DeepBrain AI created an AI Yoon Suk-yeol using its AI Human. The company showcased the AI candidate at an event in Songpa-gu, Seoul

AI Presidential Candidate
Image from AI presidential candidate Yoon's online speech.

DeepBrain AI has succeeded in creating an AI Yoon Suk-yeol using its AI Human solution. AI Yoon Suk-yeol made a virtual appearance at the People’s Power Party Central Election Countermeasures Committee in Songpa-gu, Seoul

“Are you surprised that I resemble candidate Yoon so much?” said the AI Yoon Suk-yeol. The AI’s voice is reportedly a perfect imitation of the Presidential Candidate’s without any strange inflections or abnormalities.

 In places where Yoon will have difficulty visiting, his AI counterpart will campaign in his stead. The AI Candidate Yoon went on to say, “I will visit the people everywhere, from east to west.”

DeepBrain: Teaching AI

DeepBrain’s AI ingests hundreds of hours of video to learn to correctly impersonate someone. The AI learns a person’s mannerisms, accent, and voice from these recordings. DeepBrain AI then provides the AI personality with a script. Accordingly, the AI then reads the script in exactly the same manner as the real person.

The process of training the AI involves AI Speech synthesis, video synthesis and natural language processing tech. Once DeepBrain trains an AI human, costs of recording video content decrease as the AI can take the actual person’s place. AI humans can even communicate with humans in real-time depending upon how they are trained.

As AI technology continues to advance more industries are turning towards the use of virtual humans. AI news anchors already exist in the broadcast industry. Also, AI humans capable of simple communications are popping up. For instance, 7-Eleven hosted a kiosk with an AI human that answered questions about events and promotions in August 2021.

DeepBrain AI is a global leader in AI as one of the top companies to have deep learning-based video synthesis and voice synthesis technologies. The company’s AI tech is implemental in various forms and industries. Eric Jang, DeepBrain AI CEO said in the press release “To be reborn as a global leading company, we will actively strive to expand business scale and develop new technologies with AI human solution”.

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