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AI-powered Smart NPCs Coming To Unreal Engine From Replica Studios

CEO Shreyas Nivas says, ‘We see AI creating a new category of virtual experiences known for depth of narrative and dynamic storytelling’

Generative Al company Replica Studios has revealed AI-Powered Smart NPCs, a plugin coming to Unreal Engine later this year.

Currently, Smart NPCs are powered by OpenAI or the user’s own AI language model, and Replica’s library of over 120+ ethically licensed AI voices will allow game developers to not only develop games at scale but also create new dynamic gaming experiences.

Replica has unveiled a Smart NPC demo experience that demonstrates its technology. The company has also utilised a customised edition of Unreal Engine’s Matrix Awakens sample project to highlight a range of features that will be accessible through the plugin.

Shreyas Nivas, CEO of Replica Studios said, “At Replica, we believe AI Voice technology has two-fold potential for furthering narrative-heavy games: eliminating critical bottlenecks in the development process, enabling studios to tell ever bigger and immersive stories, and allowing for the creation of never seen before living-world gaming experiences that shape around the player in real-time.

“Smart NPCs will allow smaller studios who don’t have the resources to script and vocalise on scale to dream big and scale their games 10x or 100x into the epic adventure they’ve always wanted to make,” said Nivas.

Replica’s Smart NPC Experience introduces AI-driven NPCs that exhibit real-time, dynamic responses to the player’s in-game voice. These characters adapt their dialogue, emotional tone and body gestures based on the player’s interactions. With the recent Style Morphing update by Replica Studios, the NPCs now possess a wider spectrum of emotions, enhancing their overall expressive capabilities.

Evolving the video game creation process

Game designers can also alter the information provided to the AI characters to instruct them to behave differently or have certain personalities, or incorporate their own AI language models to suit their project.

“Just as live service games and battle royale have emerged as popular gaming experiences in the last decade, we see AI creating a new category of virtual experiences known for depth of narrative and dynamic storytelling with hundreds of characters, ever-expanding quests and stories,” Nivas added.

“When teams begin adopting AI to create these new experiences, we will see the role of writers and narrative designers evolve. Rather than writing complete narrative arcs, they’ll create and fine-tune the conditions that power these AI Smart NPCs – game lore, backstories and motivations – to add a human element that will lead to an engaging live player experience.”

When Replica’s Smart NPC plugin launches for Unreal Engine later this year, game developers will be able to integrate Smart NPCs into their own projects to begin scaling up characters in their games.

The demo will initially run as a cloud-based solution but is working towards a locally based solution to give a low latency, multi-user concurrent live experience. Access to the demo is available on the official website and individuals can sign up for the Smart NPC beta from the registration page.

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